Solid Foundation Cont. Est. (SFCE)

Solid Foundation Contracting Establishment (SFCE) is dedicated to providing its client with the highest quality service available within its specialized division such as electrical, mechanical, telecommunication, HVAC & Building Technology. It is our common goal of providing this level of excellence, high employee morale and a customer perception of market permanence. We will continue to strive forward to ensure that our services are at all times delivered with quality and customers satisfaction.

Welcome to Solid Foundation Cont. Est.


Solid Foundation Cont. Est. (SFCE) is a Contracting company with extensive quantity of experience in the field of General Construction Civil, Buildings, Architectural, Electrical, MEP, Industrial Security and Mechanical Works for the past few years in the Kingdom. 

Constructions & Rehabilitations
We provide constructions services, and rehabilitations services, through our professional top-class engineers, in all engineering fields, we have a great record in constructions in the kingdom.

Electrical And Communication System
• Power substation
• Power Distribution
• Electrical Power Supply
• Lighting system
• Telephone system
• Public address System master antenna
• security System
• Lighting Protection System
• Building Automation System
• Energy Mangement System
• Solar Power System

. Telephone Network system
. Data communication system
. TDMA/CDMA Telephone system
. SDH fiber optic communication system
. Self-support guyed Mast tower antenna

Industrial Works  
Painting of lattice steel Towers and Pipelines.
General Contractor for Construction of mid-size Office building, building, Security office, Operations Area etc.
Fencing & Boundary wall work. 

Decorative painting & finishing works. 

Construction of Storage & Water tanks.

Steel & Mechanical Works  

•  Designing, Fabrication, Erection of all type of Pre -engineered steel buildings, structural steel Plants, warehouses and factories.
•  Building & dismantling of Hangers, Warehouse, and Workshops
•  Finishing & Architectural works of offices.
•  Installation of roof and wall cladding.
•  Electro-mechanical works, Steam Tracing.

Earth Works  

• Excavation works such as cut and fill excavations, trench excavation, basement excavation and road excavation.
• Cable trenching works.
• Dewatering works for construction sites.
• Tailored Landscaping services.

Repair & Maintenance Works
• Water Proofing, Concrete Leakage & seepage Repair
• Road Works (Asphalt & Concrete).
• Installation of drainage systems
• Storm water management


SFCE is as a quality builder with a long experience in executing projects with latest methodology in construction engineering in civil and electromechanical projects is dedicated to contributing to the development of Saudi Arabia as envisioned in Vision 2030.


SFCE as a quality builder is dedicated to executing its projects in accordance with the state of the arts project management methodology.

Our clients deserve to get perfectly executed work, if possible, it should be even better than expected.

"Quality": Our watchword 

We execute each task in the construction process with an eye to quality.